During her almost four decades of family law practice, before her appointment to the Dauphin County Court’s Family Division, Lori Serratelli handled a variety of complex and unique family law matters including equitable distribution of large business entities with contested valuation issues, divorce and equitable distribution of parties with a foreign marriage, same sex adoptions and cohabitation agreements, custody actions brought by grandparents or third parties, and custody actions for children under special juvenile immigration status fleeing dangerous conditions in their home countries. The complex business valuations matters included appeals she brought as an attorney to the Pennsylvania Superior and Supreme Court and Exceptions to Master’s Reports she has reviewed and decided as a judge.

She brings the unique perspective and insight of both an experienced attorney and judge to give guidance as a mediator or make final decisions as an arbitrator.

Family Law Areas:

  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Child Support Issues
  • Custody: new parenting plans, modifications, relocation issues, choice of school, high conflict cases with disputes over activities for children and all other matters affecting parenting of children; acting as a Team Leader in high conflict cases.
  • Divorce: equitable distribution, alimony, alimony pendente lite and counsel fee disputes