For almost four decades, as an attorney, Lori Serratelli litigated before the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission and in the Eastern, Middle and Western federal district courts of Pennsylvania, claims involving race, sex, age, disability, ethnic and religious discrimination, sexual and racial harassment, wrongful discharge, whistleblower claims, fair labor standard claims and civil rights litigation.

These cases often take several years to litigate. Mediation is often encouraged by the courts to resolve the case much more expeditiously and much more economically. Lori Serratelli has decades of experience in these matter successfully mediating every variety of employment matters.

Employers and employees may also agree to arbitrate these matters and Lori Serratelli has the experience to understand the issues involved, both as an attorney and as a former judge.

In her law practice, Lori Serratelli has advised and lectured to governmental and private human resource managers and departments on how to properly handle investigations of employment claims. She has experience as an investigator of sexual harassment claims as well. She is proud that many of her cases resulted in vast improvement in how employers handle claims of harassment and what procedures they implemented to prevent harassment based on all protected class status in their workforce.

Lori Serratelli has always encouraged employees and employers to deal with inappropriate behavior and reports of allegations swiftly and effectively to minimize harm to the employee/s and prevent the breakdown of a functioning workforce. She can assist in both employees and employers with consultations on how to resolve problems.