Serratelli Dispute Resolutions LLC offers mediation and arbitration services in a variety of areas.

Family Law

Mediation and arbitration services in all areas affecting family law matters from cohabitation and prenuptial agreements to divorce, custody, property distribution, alimony and child/spousal support matters.

Orphan's Court

Mediation and arbitration services in disputes over probate of estates, fiduciary responsibilities in guardianships, estates and trust matters, family disputes over incapacity of a relative, and issues of termination of parental rights and adoption.

Employment Law

Mediation and arbitration services in claims of wrongful discharge, employment discrimination (race, sex, age disability, ethnic origin and religion), sexual harassment including hostile work environment, retaliation, wage and hour claims, Family Medical Leave Act disputes, contract disputes including covenants not to compete and confidentiality clauses.

Personal Injury

Mediation and arbitration services in personal injury claims.


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